Illustration: Arotin Hartounian

Plotting Design Interventions as Points of System Leverage

Facilitating interdisciplinary exploration of a local health system and connecting opportunities for change

Thinking and working in systems

Work aimed at system change is complex and dependent on interrelated (often conflicting) mindsets and value exchanges not always obvious or top of mind for project stakeholders and organizational leaders.

Categories of ideas for interventions shown as work-streams that interrelate and build upon one another

(System) Leverage Points, an effective framing mechanism

Picture of significant iterations and the current iteration of the Y axis of our map

Consider, as you adapt and iterate

Our map that shows all the individual ideas for design intervention and then our map with like ideas grouped into higher-level categories to make the artifact less dense and more approachable
How we framed what the axes of our map can support and represent in a project-partner facing presentation deck

Hindsight, reflections, and realizations

Consensus building is a crucial aspect of co-creation.

Iterate and adapt with me

Our current System Leverage Map template (recreated in Miro) available on Miroverse